Vypin LLC, Alpharetta, Ga., and LRNi, Vidalia, Ga., launched EverView, a wireless IoT badging system for workforce management. Key capabilities include time and attendance monitoring, workflow status of services to customers, immediate feedback when personnel approach an “off-limits” area and procedural compliance training for best practices like hand hygiene.

The core of the EverView WM system is the wireless BadgeTag, which is equipped with three key RF features:

  • The ability to talk directly (up to 200 feet) with any smartphone, tablet or gateway. 
  • A second RF system that interacts with wireless location spot markers (microZones), whereby a doorway may identify itself directly to the badge. 
  • Near Field Communications (NFC) for short-range operations. 

BadgeTags are also equipped with motion, orientation and activity sensors.

Vypin, LLC

Lost Recover Network, Inc. (LNRi)