NPES, The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies, Reston, Va., launched a rebranding initiative, designed to reflect the focus of its new 2017-2020 strategic business plan to align and grow the global printing and imaging industry.

NPES partnered with Marriner Marketing Communications (MMC), Columbia, Md., to collaborate on the rebranding process. Guided by Marriner’s Clarity Capture process, advance research will tap into a strategic sampling of current and prospective association members, printers, industry consultants and other value chain stakeholders to obtain their insights and perspectives. Subsequent steps in the process include a full-day brand conclave working session where key themes obtained from the research will be mined, tested and incorporated into the final imagery and messaging.

“Rebranding the association is an essential step forward that will more clearly express the direction and scope of our ambitious 3-year business plan,” says Thayer Long, NPES president. “It will ‘put a face’ to the plan that was designed not only for our association, but [also] most importantly, for our industry.”

The NPES 2017-2020 Strategic Plan, which launched in January, centers around two priority focus areas—to “Convene, Lead and Drive the Global Printing & Imaging Value Chain toward Operational Excellence” and “Position and Engage the Global Printing & Imaging Industry for Growth throughout the Value Chain.”