Danfoss, Bethpage, N.Y., opened its new monitoring center in Baltimore, Md., which will provide 24/7 assistance to its food-retail customers utilizing Danfoss Enterprise Services, a cloud-based service delivery platform tailored to supermarket and other food-retail applications.

Danfoss Enterprise Services collects a range of data points from connected devices to provide insight into nearly every aspect of refrigeration for food safety, HVACR operations, energy management and benchmarking, along with equipment performance. It provides real-time, actionable information to monitor equipment alarms, compressor status, leak detection, food temperatures and refrigerant levels. Other services include energy baselining and benchmarking usage, demand response and remote assist to promote maximized energy efficiency and savings, while helping to troubleshoot and adjust overall HVACR system functions.

This service helps facility personnel, store owners and management make fast decisions to maximize energy efficiencies and cost savings, optimize food safety and reduce environmental footprint by utilizing connected devices and data.

“Thanks to more and more Danfoss smart products installed in stores, we have seen dramatic growth in our Danfoss Enterprise Services platform over the past couple of years. Smart products help facility managers take advantage of new ways to cut cost and save on energy use,” says Rick Ruth, product manager, services. “This state-of-the-art monitoring center will allow our team to continue to provide outstanding support, including 24/7 alarm monitoring, issue diagnosis and service dispatching, as well as advanced energy management and optimization techniques. The new center is also designed to support the continued growth of connected products and services for the food retail industry.”

“We have been able to offer more services like dispatching alarms directly to the store contractors, as well as remote assistance and triage of alarms to reduce service calls and identify repeat and nuisance alarms,” adds Ruth. “This new monitoring center is helping our store management teams focus on their customers and provide even greater levels of dependable service.”