TraQtion, Ann Arbor, Mich., released TraQtion advanced specification management for product lifecycle management (PLM) tracking.

With this module, food retailers and producers can track and control all data related to specific ingredients, recipes, dietary and nutritional information and approved suppliers, while improving time to market and addressing the growing demands of health-conscious consumers who track ingredient claims such as non-GMOs, nutritional labels and allergens. 

This advanced specification management includes:

·         Highly configurable design to cater for all specifications big or small, complex or simple.

·         Supplier validation to ensure only technically approved suppliers are used for products.

·         Glossary-driven database to significantly reduce errors.

·         Ability to validate data at point of entry.

·         Lessons learned from industry solutions to deliver enhanced user experience.

  • Ability to capture nutritional, dietary and lifestyle details of the product.


TraQtion, LLC