SpecPage, Bradenton, Fla., formed a partnership with Decernis, Washington, D.C., to integrate SpecPage’s product lifecycle management system (SpecPDM) with Decernis’ compliance management solutions to assist food and beverage manufacturers and distributors with their global regulatory compliance requirements.

Based on this new collaboration, SpecPage launched Compliance Guide, a web-based management tool, based on Decernis compliance management system, gComply Plus, comprising more than 5 million terms from over 90,000 food and beverage regulations and compliance standards across 207 countries worldwide. This will help industry users ensure their product recipes and specifications comply with global regulatory requirements, including information on additives, nutritional values, packaging, contaminants and Standards of Identity. SpecPage’s Compliance Guide allows for real-time traceability from laboratory processes to product labels.

Integrated with SpecPDM, Compliance Guide provides a visual red/green light report confirming if a formula is compliant with regulatory requirements in target markets. This tool allows users to analyze and manage the compliance status of an ingredient or product, search for regulatory information, compare global threshold requirements for additives and contaminants and author regulatory certifications.

In addition, SpecPage introduced a food label review service for European markets. This new offering includes the assessment and review of product labels, including product name, ingredient lists, design and format, according to relevant regulations.

“With expertise in European and U.S. food law, combined and integrated with Decernis’ expertise and global compliance management solution, SpecPage helps companies introduce new food and beverage products efficiently into the market while taking account of relevant regulations and the needs of their trading partners,” says Severin Weiss, chief executive officer of SpecPage. “Many of our clients produce food or beverages on a global scale, and need to make information available in various languages. Ongoing changes and the complexity of regulatory requirements present increasing challenges for them.”

“Decernis is an ideal partner offering global compliance management tools and expertise, which we can leverage for our clients wanting to export their products around the globe and to keep risks and costs to a minimum. Our integration of their solutions simplify these processes for manufacturers and distributors, and ensure that only accurate and regulatory compliant information is published,” he adds.

“This cooperation will provide customers access to Decernis’ knowledge and technology through the newly launched Compliance Guide based on Decernis’ gComply Plus. Having the ability to access industry-specific, regulatory requirements and information is essential for effective product development, safe products and speedy market access,” says Dr. Ruud Overbeek, chief strategy and business development at Decernis, LLC. “Decernis’ technology-enabled risk management solutions help guide our clients cost-effectively through the myriad of regulatory and compliance requirements. Decernis is very pleased to work with SpecPage to help their customers achieve an effective go-to-market strategy for safe food and beverage products.”