Rosina Food Products, Inc., Buffalo, N.Y., unveiled new packaging across its full line of Rosina brand frozen meatball products.

A fresher, brighter, bolder new package elevates the Rosina brand while prominently featuring enticing product photos. Key product style/flavor information such as Italian Style, Homestyle, Swedish Style, etc. is color coded and more prominently displayed, as is product size and count information, making it easier for consumers to make their product selection. In addition, the packaging features an "Oven-Baked Goodness" burst to promote a healthier alternative to the fried selections of other meatball brands.

"We're confident the new packaging better reflects the quality of the Rosina brand," says Chris Tirone, director of marketing. "Our new packaging design will clearly identify our brand and make it easier for consumers to select their favorite styles and flavors in the freezer section at retail. Data from our extensive research confirmed that our new product photography on packaging more accurately reflects Rosina's delicious, high-quality meatballs."

Prior to launching the new Rosina brand meatball products, the company conducted extensive sensory testing against a competitive product set at a leading research university where consumers selected Rosina's Italian and Homestyle as the top meatballs in their category.

"Based on research and consumer insights, the introduction of our new packaging will improve consumer engagement with our products and our brand," says Tom Finn, vice president of retail sales and marketing. "The new packaging will also benefit our retail partners, who understand and appreciate that better packaging can help increase sales. We expect our new Rosina meatball packaging upgrade to do just that."