MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection, Kansas City, Mo., announced plans to expand its Enger, Germany, production facility with a modern extension that will optimize the logistics and assembly processes. The new production hall is projected to be in operation beginning April 2018.

There are currently 197 staff in total employed at Enger. After the new building is complete, the current operating area of around 5,800 m² will increase by approximately 1,600 m². Around 900 m² will be taken up by the new assembly/production and logistics areas, while 300 m² will be made available for machining and welding. In addition to this, some 30 new office spaces will be created in an area of 370 m² on the top floor.

The new production hall will consist of reinforced concrete supporting structure and a flat roof made of trapezoidal steel sheets, and will be constructed in accordance with the latest energy-saving regulations and renewable energy legislation.

“With this extension to our production hall, we primarily want to expand our production capacity in the sectors of conveyor belt labelers and inspection systems, so that we can meet the constantly increasing demand for these solutions,” says Volker Gerloff, chief executive officer. “Parallel to this, we will also use the opportunity after completion of the building work to further optimize our logistics and assembly processes.”