Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection, Tampa, Fla., introduced the Profile Advantage metal detector, designed to remove all but product effect from the process, enabling significantly smaller metal contaminants to be detected in products that are wet, hot, chilled, cooled or packaged in metallized film.

Central to the multi-simultaneous frequency (MSF) technology is the '3S' algorithm and its product signal suppression feature. The Profile Advantage modifies the signal during setup, so that food product presents itself as if it were a dry product without product effect.

Ideal for meat, dairy and bakery products that contain a high degree of moisture, the Profile Advantage inspects products at full sensitivity, ensuring more effective inspection and maximizing product safety.

The product signal suppression feature helps operators cope with challenging applications of wet, moist, high salt content products or those that are in a state of flux cooling or thawing as well as products packaged in metallized film.

Stainless-steel casing and a choice of sealing standards (IP65/IP69K) ensure the system is capable of withstanding even the harshest washdown regimes, while curved edges and corners eliminate potential dirt traps, minimizing the risk of biological contamination of food. Furthermore, the metal detector is also available with optional bespoke conveyors, enabling manufacturers to customize to their individual production needs. 


Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection