Yusen Logistics, Secaucus, N.J., opened the doors to its first future-ready warehouse in Singapore.

By superstructing a new warehouse on its existing Tuas facility, Yusen Logistics:

  • Optimizes storage volume for a 13,563-square-foot floor area in an existing building from 70,630 cubic feet to 123,601 cubic feet.
  • Increases throughput for receiving, sorting and put-away by 18 times.
  • Upskills 60% of its labor force by transforming manual tasks to digital skills.
  • Increases high-volume and high-mix order fulfillment rate by 200%.
  • Creates new data analytical jobs.

Ready by Q1 2019, the 3-story warehouse was designed and built by Boustead Projects, Singapore, and offers seamless process integration with the existing building. Advanced robotic, radio-frequency identification (RFID), vision recognition systems and autonomous technology will be installed and integrated with Swisslog Autostore from Swisslog, Switzerland, to transform the conventional warehouse operation into a smart data-driven logistics operation.

The new warehouse comprises 215,278 square feet of storage area, with 36 loading bays and an 86,111-square-foot rooftop parking area for up to 100 trailers.

“We are always applying insight, service quality and innovation to be the world's preferred supply chain logistics company. This new warehouse in a strategic location is equipped with the most advanced technology. We will create sustainable growth for Singapore by providing high-quality supply chain logistics service that will meet our customers' needs,” says Kenji Mizushima, president.

“Data-driven operations provide the infrastructure for process customization. The capabilities to provide customizable work processes mean Yusen Logistics can tailor specific services for the various industry verticals. This is a unique capability. Singapore is a global transportation hub with extensive trade links and market connectivity. Storage space with tailored quality, reliable and consistent value-added services provide competitive advantages to our customers who use Singapore as a regional distribution center,” says Francis Kwa, head of contract logistics.

“We are transforming ourselves to get closer to our customers and helping them with challenges that they are facing. With a vision to create sustainable growth for society, Yusen Logistics works toward driving productivity, space and operational efficiency by re-skilling our employees through partnership with educational institutions to be ready for the future and be equipped with the skills for automation. We strive to create better connections where we convert insights into actions to optimize their supply chain in the most effective and efficient way,” adds Ng Kim Hung, managing director of Yusen Logistics Singapore.