TransKool Solutions, McAllen, Texas, and its joint venture with Allen Lund Co., La Cañada, Calif., and Santos International, Laredo, Texas, moved into a new 40,000-square-foot facility.

The new location will accommodate the growth of the company, providing a stronger local presence in Texas and a more flexible and accessible venue for its customers. 

"This new warehouse allows us to provide better customer service, be more diverse with our products and allows us to grow,” says Eddie Lund, vice president sales and branch operations. “We are excited about the expansion and the opportunities that are now available to TransKool. We also want to thank our current customers who trusted us from the beginning and have made this possible."

Santos International is an international freight forwarding company providing warehousing and U.S. customs brokerage services to industries across the United States and Mexico. Allen Lund is a national third-party transportation broker working with shippers and carriers across the nation to arrange for dry, refrigerated and flatbed freight.

"Our first year with TransKool was extremely successful from an operational standpoint, though we learned that we needed additional accommodations to be more efficient during the peak seasons,” adds Scott Fletcher, manager of Allen Lund’s Dallas office. “With our new facility, we meet these goals and we also almost doubled the number of dock doors adding further efficiency."

"After a successful first year, we are excited to be moving into our brand new facility in McAllen, Texas.  With both a great location and a great design, we will be able to continue to offer a high quality of service that our customers have come to expect from us," says Carlos Santos, Santos International.

TransKool Solutions provides a range of services, including warehousing, transportation and customs brokerage.