Rack & Roll Inc., Edgewater, Fla., launched its patented FloatingAisle storage and retrieval system, what is said to dramatically increase the capacity of warehouses and cold storage facilities.

Operators will now be able to use up to 90% of a building footprint for storage, and in many cases, completely eliminate the expense of new building construction. That’s because FloatingAisle enables access to any pallet in the warehouse within seconds.

The FloatingAisle is comprised of a racking system on rails with an electrically powered carriage and motor that provides lateral motion for vertically stacked pallets in a warehouse’s existing configuration. The carriages move singularly or in a group. This patented feature eliminates the need to move the entire row of racks to access one pallet. A new aisle and access to any pallet can be created anywhere in the storage area in under 30 seconds. The system is controlled by a proprietary hardware and software system managed by a simple, easy-to-use touchscreen. Meanwhile, an infrared detection system prevents accidents throughout the system.

Rack & Roll Inc.