SumoSafe Global, Australia, offers a range of products developed to reduce damage to palletized loads during the lift truck handling process.

The SumoSafe range includes:

•  SumoSafefork. A lift truck fork that takes traditional steel tines and encases the tip within a protective glove. Made from industrial-grade polyurethane, the glove significantly limits the impact of a carelessly driven lift truck’s forks against a load, according to an independent study conducted with The Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va.

•  SumoGlove. A variation on the SumoSafefork, SumoGloves are fitted to the tips of a lift truck’s existing forks quickly and easily, and are compatible with all common makes and sizes of forklift tine.

•  SumoVision. A system that improves an operator’s forward visibility, even when sight lines are obscured by a large bulky load.

•  SumoLevel. A new forklift mast tilt indicator system designed to significantly reduce the accidental damage and associated safety risks often caused to a pallet, the load and the racking by a lift truck’s forks during the pallet picking and put-away process.

•  SumoBackbone. A protective device that can be retrofitted to any make or model of lift truck to minimize the risk of an operator suffering a serious spine or whip-lash injury in the event of his/her truck being hit from the rear by another forklift or reversing into a stationery object.

SumoSafe Global
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