Capitol City Produce, Baton Rouge, La., has been providing fresh produce to the Gulf Coast region since 1947. After maintaining two separate software systems to run the business over the years, Capitol City Produce was determined to find an all-in-one integrated solution that shows live inventory and streamlines operations.

“After speaking with many other produce distributors, Produce Pro Software easily became the obvious choice,” says Andrea Goodman, director of information services, Capitol City Produce. “Produce Pro’s Core and Warehouse Management System were key factors in our selection process. Plus, they offer 24-hour support, have a dedicated research and development team and their employees have extensive industry knowledge.”

“Previously, we were required to manage our operation utilizing and maintaining two separate systems, which created double work for many of our employees along with several opportunities for inaccurate inventories,” adds Caleb Prejean, director of operations, Capitol City Produce. “The move to Produce Pro has streamlined our processes and allowed more inventory control. This created confidence throughout our entire organization and eliminated the redundancy of multiple tasks, saving many man hours, which can now be focused on other areas.”

The staff at Produce Pro, Woodridge, Ill., maintains extensive industry expertise, and was available throughout the entire implementation process, from orientation and training meetings to going live with the system and post-implementation.

“Our Produce Pro team was incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, engaging and helpful. We were extremely impressed. Produce Pro provided us with experts in every area of our operation. And, their team was onsite 24/7 during our go-live week to assist each department with their specific daily processes and how-to questions,” adds Goodman.

Since transitioning to Produce Pro, Capitol City Produce’s employees from all departments have felt the positive effects.

“To be honest, switching over to a new system really scared me, and I thought it would be hard to learn everything, but it was easy. Now, I can’t imagine working without Produce Pro,” says Brittany Ezell, dispatch clerk, Capitol City Produce.

“Overall, the program is easy to use and navigate,” adds Mike Fruge, director of sales, Capitol City Produce.