MobileDemand, Hiawatha, Iowa, introduced xKeyPad, a patent-pending software tool used to enter numbers faster with a persistent numeric keypad. Optional barcode scanning utilizes the integrated camera to scan 25 different types of barcodes. The app also enables data collection on a single device in a mobile environment, without the need for add-on keyboards, integrated barcode scanner options or separate handheld scanner. 

xKeyPad is a solution for mobile workers who enter numbers frequently, such as quantities, prices, SKUs, locations or other measured or observed information such as dimensions or quality scores.

xKeyPad features include customizable “snap” placement of the keypad to maximize usage for left- or right-handed users, custom function key formatting, programmable actions to increase productivity and support of all major 1D/2D symbologies with pre- and post-ambles for barcode scanning. Users can scan a single bar code at a time or scan multiple codes.