Rosina Food Products, Inc., Buffalo, N.Y., introduced a line of chef-inspired, artisan meatballs.

The Pineapple Chorizo kind is made with simple, wholesome ingredients, including fresh ground pork, spicy notes of serrano chili peppers and hints of sweet pineapple.

The Smoky Maple Bacon variety consists of premium, quality pork, applewood smoked bacon and sweet maple.

And, Tuscan-Style Veal is crafted with authentic, Italian ingredients, including veal, Parmesan and Romano cheese and basil and oregano spices.

The varieties were created with extensive market research utilizing focus groups and flavor trend analysis, and the packaging features eye-catching graphics with bold colors and a Kraft paper-look background.

Plus, the new meatballs come in 2- and half-ounce sizes, and boast a variety of usage opportunities, such as grilling, paired with sauces for appetizers, or used for breakfast, lunch or dinner. These meatballs also go from freezer to meal-ready in under 60 seconds.

“We are very excited to announce the introduction of Rosina’s Artisan Meatballs. The products continue in the great tasting Rosina Meatballs tradition, with unique flavors and package graphics. You’ve got to try these to see for yourself,” says Joe Roxstrom, vice president business development.

“Meatballs are traditionally thought of for authentic Italian meals or as appetizers. While we currently offer a full line of flavors that meet these needs; this new line of meatballs opens the door to endless possibilities on how to use meatballs not traditionally thought of. We are encouraging consumers to be adventurous with this product and use meatballs in innovative ways; we are providing consumers more ways to use meatballs than traditionally thought of like crumbled in a queso dip, added to scrambled eggs and they can even be tossed in your favorite Bolognese sauce. Our objective is to bring on trend, tasty and nutritious solutions that can be prepared easily in minutes to a broad range of consumers,” adds Chris Tirone, director of marketing.