Idaho Milk Products announced plans for a $26 million expansion to its Jerome, Idaho, headquarters production facility. Processing capacity will expand by one third – accommodating an additional 1 million pounds per day of locally sourced milk. The project will also include investments in new research and development capabilities, enhanced employee facilities and an expanded warehouse.

“The project is a logical next step for us, one that maximizes the current potential of our exceptional facility while increasing our ability to continue to add long-term value to everything we do, acknowledging in the process that we are nothing without our people,” says Daragh Maccabee, chief executive officer.

“We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs for the highest quality, most consistent dairy ingredients, and offering them new ingredient solutions,” adds Tara Russell, vice president of marketing and sales. “The investment in enhanced research and development resources allows us to participate in higher levels of collaboration with our customer partners.”

“Detailed planning work has already commenced, and the expectation is that the project will be completed by August 2019,” says Ben Quellhorst, vice president of operations. “We are pleased to manage this project through a team of in-house experts and key vendor partners, facilitating project completion by the scheduled date.”

As part of the expansion, Idaho Milk Products will add about 25 new employees, including positions in R&D, quality assurance, administration, warehousing, production and transportation.

“The project is possible because of the very strong foundation laid by everyone at Idaho Milk Products over the years, the support of our local and state bodies and the partnerships we have developed with our customers,” says Maccabee. “I thank everyone that has helped to bring us to this point, and look forward with excitement to the next phase of the Idaho Milk Products story.”