JMP Engineering, London, announced that it will now be called JMP Solutions.

“Demand for industrial automation has been rapidly increasing across North America, and customers are looking to take advantage of even more of what technology has to offer. Not only do they want specialized control systems, they also want to leverage leading-edge robotic technology and the potential benefits that the Industrial Internet of Things can provide. JMP Solutions is on the leading edge of this economic opportunity,” says Scott Shawyer, president and CEO. “JMP began in the field of industrial control systems, and we became widely recognized for our ability to deliver on what we said we would deliver. As we grew, so did our services and our geographical locations. With 14 business units across North America, JMP Solutions reflects our growth over the last three years and our broader service offerings for customers.”

JMP Solutions’ methodologies support customer needs in six core application areas—process automation, control system integration, information systems, automation and robotic systems, automated guided vehicles and networking and security—for consumer packaged goods, food and beverage and water/wastewater industries, among others.

“Our name has changed, but our purpose remains the same,” says Steve Szamocki, executive vice president for JMP Solutions. “Our new name positions us better in offering a broader scope of services that drive tangible business outcomes and value for customers. JMP works with customers to help their engineering and operation teams reduce costs and increase yield, quality and regulatory compliance.”