BabyMunch, Cleveland, Ohio, is baby food handmade from scratch in small batches and then immediately frozen to lock in key nutrients. BabyMunch foods are made from locally, organically grown and sourced fruits and vegetables, and feature bold flavors with a hint of fresh herbs and spices.  

These fresh, all-natural baby foods are available in two stages:

Stage 1: For babies six months and older

Apple-liscious – a sweet puree of apple

A-pear-ently Pear – a refreshing blend of pear

Call Me Carrot – a tasting of carrot

Sweet Potato Soiree – a mashed perfection of sweet potato

Mango Tango – a tropical twist of mango


Stage 2: For babies nine months and older

Itzy Bitzy – a smooth blend of strawberry, banana and blueberry

Gimme a Beet – a fusion of mango, beet and cinnamon

Strawbana Sunrise Smoothie – a combination of strawberry, banana and carrot

Applelini – a mixture of apple, zucchini and cinnamon

Peas and Love – a nutrient-packed pairing of pea, pear and mint

“When my daughter turned six months old, she was ready for solids. But, I wasn’t satisfied with the selection I was finding on store shelves, so I took to my kitchen and started creating,” says Le’ Anna Miller, founder. “I needed to keep up with her growing appetite, but I also wanted a convenient, on-the-go option that kept her curious about new foods. Those desires and recipes are the foundation of BabyMunch – to offer portable, seasonal and fun foods that promote a love of healthy eating.”

BabyMunch baby foods are packaged in child-safe pouches that stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to two days or up to six months in the freezer.