Cargill, Minneapolis, and AG Meat, a specialty import meat distributor based in Seoul, Korea, partnered to offer premium U.S. beef brand Excel in a new concept meat store called It’s Meat.

The Excel beef brand undergoes a 7-step, regulated production system, ensuring safe handling from the feeding environment to product packaging. In addition, micro-sized pathogens are accurately removed through a new scientific process offered by Cargill Protein globally.

“The demand for safe, imported beef has increased given the price has stabilized,” says Jin-Tae Ha, general manager, Cargill Korea. “Given this demand, Cargill Protein is diversifying distribution channels to provide more Korean consumers access to high-quality Excel beef.”

“Korea is an important market for us, and we are excited to bring Excel beef—and food safety protocols—to more consumers in this region,” says John Niemann, president of Cargill Protein, ingredients and international channel. “We look forward to continuing to build bridges across global markets, and are committed to expanding our offerings in Korea.”

AG Meat plans to open 300 more It’s Meat stores within Korea in the next three years.