Periscope, Minneapolis, launched its own branded ice cream—Love Potion No. 921—a blood orange and pomegranate ice cream with a hint of ginger.

The ice cream was created in collaboration with Izzy's Ice Cream, Minneapolis.

The name Love Potion No. 921 is a nod to Periscope headquarters' address – 921 Washington Ave. S. The blood orange reflects Periscope's new brand colors, and pomegranate is a symbol of love by many cultures and countries.

"To bring Love Potion No. 921 to life, our teams put on their culinary hats, experimenting with different flavors, ingredients, colors, mix-ins and more to create the perfect ice cream recipe that not only embodies our new brand look, but also carries a deeper meaning tied to our mission," says Peter Nicholson, chief creative officer of Periscope. "Of course, the pressure was on to make sure we created a flavor that actually tasted good, since we're in the business of making things people love."

"This is an exciting turning point for Periscope because we are reintroducing ourselves to the world as an evolved agency, with a fresh, new look and a long-standing, powerful mission," says Liz Ross, chief executive officer of Periscope. "Doing Things People Love starts in our strategic process, which pairs data with empathy to address rational and emotional decision-making, and comes through in our work, which aims at the heart. It only made sense that this message come to life at every touch point of our evolved brand, even if that's ice cream."