AgroFresh Solutions, Inc., Philadelphia, Pa., acquired Verigo, a Gainesville, Fla.-based Internet of Things (IoT) provider of end-to-end visibility and management of cold chain logistics.

This acquisition strengthens AgroFresh’s role as a provider of intelligent and innovative solutions for customers across the fresh produce value chain. Verigo's technology now forms the foundation of FreshCloud Transit Insights. The acquisition contributed to a revamp of AgroFresh's AdvanStore offering, now called FreshCloud Storage Insights.

FreshCloud Predictive Screening predicts the risk of disorder development during storage by analyzing gene expression at commercial harvest, resulting in more informed storage management decisions.

"FreshCloud supports higher quality produce from farm to consumer by removing much of the guesswork throughout the value chain, resulting in real-time insights, improved quality metrics and reduced food waste," says Tilo Gomez, director of new business development at AgroFresh.