Golden West Food Group, Vernon, Calif., introduced Beeftisserie, Porktisserie and Turkeytisserie, hand-cut and seasoned at a Golden West plant, and then prepared in-store by slow roasting in the rotisserie ovens before being displayed in retail-ready packaging.

"We're helping retailers bring more options to one of the most popular areas in the store and fill carts with more ready-to-eat meal occasions," says Zack Levenson, chief operating officer.

The Beeftisserie roast is made with Certified Angus Beef (CAB) brand sirloin. Every case comes with six 2-pound-average-weight, serving a family of four, for a suggested retail price of $16.

"The difference using a Certified Angus Beef roast makes, in the finished fully cooked product, is incredible," says Levenson. "And, each roast meets the CAB brand's 10 quality standards for flavor, juiciness and tenderness."

The Porktisserie roast is available under the American BBQ Co. brand, and the seasoning and rotisserie cooking produce a restaurant-quality pork rib roast. It boasts a suggested retail price of $10.

"Rotisserie is not a common at-home cooking method anyone can do, but it is a type of cooking that everyone loves," says Levenson. "These 'Tisserie' roasts bring shoppers back to the store each and every week."