Mrs. T's Pierogies, Shenandoah, Pa., redesigned its full line of packaging for an enhanced casual and contemporary look. The updated packaging impacts the Classic Cheddar, Classic Onion, Loaded Baked Potato and Four Cheese Medley SKUs, and will be available once the current packaging cycles out. 

Designed in partnership with Cornerstone Strategic Branding, New York, the updated packaging was validated through research with consumer focus groups. It features more prominently colored flavor banners for each SKU, making it easier to shop at shelf. The packaging also better distinguishes the Mini-Size Pierogies by adding a larger callout in the copy and a more shareable snack recipe on the front. 

While the box remains blue, it now has a more modern blue brick and wood grain design. On the back panel, new recipes are featured by flavor. In addition, the logo received a more simplified, smooth look. The overall logo and package design are still rooted in the iconic Mrs. T’s blue box and yellow logo. Lastly, the nutrition label was adjusted to meet the new FDA Nutrition Facts guidelines going into effect in 2020.

"This new design is an evolutionary update to our current package, which was last redesigned in 2014. It provides an easier shopping experience for our consumers and showcases how versatile pierogies are in quick and simple recipes,” says LeeAnn Smulligan, director of marketing. "While the packaging has changed, our pierogy recipe has stayed the same. It’s the same quality product filled with big flavor that we’ve been making since 1952.”