ProMach, Cincinnati, acquired FLtècnics, a Girona, Spain-based provider of horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) pouch packaging systems.

ProMach’s relationship with FLtècnics began in 2014 when it began to sell and support FLtècnics products in the North American market.

“Five years ago, we saw a growing need in the North American marketplace for a single-source provider of a full range of flexible packaging solutions,” says Mark Anderson, ProMach president and CEO. “We have invested in this space through product development, acquisitions and strategic partnerships with companies like FLtecnics. They are a technology leader in the horizontal form-fill-seal pouch space, and we are excited to invest in their continued product development to bring new innovations and new technology into the global marketplace.”

ProMach’s flexibles business line provides a wide variety of flexible packaging machinery solutions, including bags, pouches, sachets, stickpacks and more for a wide range of industries. The addition of FLtècnics helps ProMach strengthen its global position in the stand-up pouch market.

“Over the last five years, the flexible packaging market has continued expanding not just in North America, but all over the world,” says Anderson. “The global stand-up pouch market, in particular, is showing highly favorable tailwinds for continued strong growth over the next five years, which makes taking the next step to bring FLtecnics fully into the ProMach family of product brands a natural fit.”

FLtècnics manufactures servo-controlled carrousel and walking-beam HFFS machines capable of packaging 400 pouches per minute for the food and liquid industries, among others. Formats include flat pouches, stand-up pouches, spouted pouches, zipper pouches, Velcro pouches, 3-side seal pouches and more.

FLtècnics leadership, sales, engineering and customer service staff are joining the ProMach flexibles team. FLtècnics CEO Mateo Lara and COO Pablo Pizarro will continue leading the product brand as vice president and general manager and vice president of operations, respectively.

“ProMach and FLtècnics have demonstrated tremendous success working together these past four years,” says Lara. “This will be a seamless transition for our team and our customers, and we look forward to introducing ProMach solutions more deeply into the marketplace.”