Foster Farms, Livingston, Calif., introduced DORI, a new, interactive on-package QR code designed to make shopping for chicken easier.

Found on all Foster Farms fresh chicken lines, including Fresh and Natural, Simply Raised and Organic products, DORI connects consumers to exclusive savings, more than 500 fresh chicken recipes, a guide to poultry labeling terms and more. DORI is accessible via smartphones wherever Foster Farms fresh chicken is sold.

"As more shoppers and retailers embrace scannable technology, including QR codes, we see DORI as a new channel to deliver information about our products and reward our loyalists," says Ira Brill, director of communications. "People are looking for convenience and savings and want to know more about where their food comes from. DORI is a new tool for us to share information that our consumers care about."

The company expects to expand DORI to all its other product lines by 2019.