The Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module (VLM) from Kardex Remstar, Westbrook, Maine, can now be equipped with access ready light technology to improve picking productivity and accuracy.

This new light tool helps operators visualize when the tray is in the access opening and ready for picking or putting. When an automated storage and retrieval system retrieves a tray, the access ready lights up red, indicating to the operator to wait for the tray to be delivered to the access opening. Once the lights turn green, the operator knows it is ok to access items on the available tray. As soon as the operators’ tasks are complete, the tray can be returned to its storage location within the unit. The lights will turn red again as soon as the tray begins to be removed from the access opening.

The system safely prevents the operator from storing or retrieving goods while the tray is still in motion.

Kardex Remstar, LLC