Organto Foods Inc., Canada, established Organto de Mexico as part of its ongoing strategy to expand organic product supply from Mexico to Europe.

Earlier this year, Organto announced initial agreements with strategic suppliers of organic blueberries, organic blackberries and organic avocado. Organto has continued to develop supply from Mexico by working with these initial suppliers and developing strategic grower and third-party processing relationships.

"We continue to be excited by the immense supply potential from Mexico, and are pleased to be working with our supply partners as we expand our sourcing and supply platform to address continued growing demand for fresh organic vegetable and fruit products in European markets and beyond," says Rients van der Wal, chief executive officer of Organto Europe BV. "We believe that Mexico offers unparalleled organic growing, processing and supply potential, and believe we are well-positioned to realize on our objective of positioning Organto de Mexico as a premier exporter of organic produce to European markets."  

Organto Foods established an office in Guadalajara, Mexico, manage operations, work with growers, manage logistics and provide necessary technical and administrative support.