Martin Vibration Systems Solutions, Marine City, Mich., introduced a versatile mounting solution for bins, hoppers and chutes -- with no welding, drilling or tapping required.

Designed to soundly adhere to circumferences of less than 24 inches, including high arcs, odd angles or limited spaces, the purpose-built Martin Stick & Shake Adhesive Mounting System allows operators to quickly and easily attach compact vibrators directly to process vessels. 

Available for Martin’s NTK 8AL HA, NTS 80 and NTP 18 vibrators, the Stick & Shake Mounting System includes stainless-steel face plate, mounting studs, lock washers and hex nuts, 2-component adhesive cartridge, mixing nozzle, double-sided adhesive strips and an applicator gun. Compatible with virtually any clean surface, the glue adheres to nearly every common industrial structural material, including painted metals, polycarbonate, acrylics and ABS plastics. The low-noise, pneumatic, piston-driven Bantam series units can be mounted in any position, even when in constant use.  


Martin Vibration Systems Solutions