Stay Metrics, South Bend, Ind., partnered with Liquid Trucking Cos., Plattsmouth, Neb., to discover how industry-leading carriers are outperforming their peers in driver retention.

Liquid Trucking operates a fleet of more than 150 tractors and 280 tanker trailers with a specialty in agricultural, food grade and hazmat shipments.

In 2014, the driver turnover rate at Liquid Trucking was higher than management expected given the company’s strong benefits, which included well-equipped trucks, industry-leading technologies and competitive pay.

Management identified a communications gap with drivers, and thus partnered with Stay Metrics to implement Driver Satisfaction Surveys. Using this and other anonymous survey results, Jason Eisenman, director of human resources for Liquid Trucking, and other members of the company’s leadership team focused resources on specific areas data showed would improve driver satisfaction and retention.

“The driver survey data we get from Stay Metrics continues to drive the conversations we have in maintenance, dispatch and other departments to improve the work experience for our drivers,” Eisenman says.

In the past four years, driver turnover at Liquid Trucking has dropped from 68% to 24%.

Liquid Trucking also uses the Stay Metrics Driver Rewards & Engagement platform to enhance driver communications. The rewards website functions as a central hub for drivers to receive the latest company news and to complete valuable job-related training.

Drivers routinely earn points through the platform for various work activities. Their points can be redeemed for unique rewards through the Stay Metrics online catalog. The platform encourages dispatchers and managers to call out drivers for exceptional performance with applause awards that contain a personal “thank you” note.

Drivers also earn points by updating customer and site information using the DeliveRecon app. Liquid Trucking developed the app to optimize the mobile workflow for drivers and to accelerate training to safely and efficiently make error-free deliveries.

“Our newer drivers are able to hit the ground running,” Eisenman adds.