The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), Harleysville, Pa., released its annual State of the Sustainability in America report, which provides an understanding on the values and behaviors across health, the environment and corporate social responsibility in relation to their impact on purchase.

For example, sustainability-related benefits are showing growth in a number of categories across the consumer landscape. This growth is due in part to the fact that many products and services now come with fewer trade-offs, and consumers continue to gravitate toward brands that help them live healthfully and sustainably.

NMI also released its 2018 Health & Wellness Trends in America report, which reveals the challenges and opportunities in the health and wellness marketplace.

"With the range of new products built on health and wellness platforms comes a complex array of consumer attitudes, the need for education and an understanding of the consumer drivers that will affect consumer behavior patterns,” says Maryellen Molyneaux, managing partner. “This report further discusses how consumers are making purchase decisions based on a new set of values-based qualities from fair trade to sustainably-grown. In addition, it provides an understanding of the role that technology and the desire for convenience play in the health marketplace.”