Tosca Ltd., Atlanta, released the results of a “Time and Motion Study” for eggs. Tosca commissioned Advantage Consulting Group, Garden City, N.Y., to conduct the study evaluating the impact of transport packaging solutions on store labor. The study compared the time it takes to stock and manage egg displays in a grocery store using traditional one-way corrugated shipping boxes vs. Tosca’s reusable plastic containers (RPCs).

The methodology for comparison analyzed the multi-step process for managing the egg department, including pulling egg cases from the cooler, stocking and rotating cartons, disposing of packaging and removing damaged eggs.

Findings from the show:

  • It takes less than half the time to stock an egg display using retail-ready RPCs instead of corrugated. On average, in an 8-foot display case, RPCs stock and rotate product in 10 minutes vs. 21 minutes for corrugated packaging.
  • Taking advantage of timesaving RPCs, retailers will see a 53% reduction in labor to manage the egg category.
  • Using RPCs, each store will save five days and 16 hours in labor each year.

Additionally, the study found that when using corrugated, removing egg cartons from boxes and stacking them in the display case has significant impact on stocking time (35%) while rotation of product is another important factor in stocking time (24%).

“We know that retailers are looking for a better way to identify cost and labor savings, improve supply chain efficiency and protect the product quality of perishables,” says Eric Frank, president and CEO of Tosca. “This study helps validate that there is a better way to move eggs safely and efficiently from source to shelf. RPCs not only are easier and faster to stock, but also help reduce shrink by offering the best protection available for fragile eggs.”