Up until 2016, Hanover Foods Corp., Hanover, Pa., used a long and arduous manual freight management process. However, James Osborn, manager of logistics and process improvement, knew just what his company needed—an automated, feature-rich, transportation management system (TMS).

In a new TMS, Hanover Foods wanted a solution that would vastly improve the visibility across its transportation network. Some of the key “must haves” during the selection process included the ability to quickly generate accurate reports concerning the prior week’s on-time deliveries. The company also wanted to take its manual accounts payable process—which often took five or more hours a month to manage—into the digital age.

That’s why Hanover Foods selected Kuebix, Maynard, Mass. Other selling points included Kuebix’s route optimization and how the platform would allow Hanover Foods to better collaborate with its carriers.

A vast improvement over its previously manual system, the TMS handles all shipment scheduling, dock scheduling, invoicing and rate tendering.

Using the Kuebix TMS, Hanover Foods also reduced its freight spend by about 10% for a total of $1 million in savings during the first nine months. Much of that savings came from the new visibility over its less-than-truckload (LTL) pricing, as well as the new freight audit and pay capabilities.

Calling Kuebix a “true partner” in Hanover Foods’ transition from manual processes to a fully-automated, cloud-based TMS, Kuebix was invested in the food manufacturer’s success.

“Since partnering with Kuebix, our executive management team looks at our logistics department as a strategic opportunity for business savings and growth,” Osborn adds.