Coldtainer USA, Overland Park, Kan., launched its new hot meals line (HmL) of “hot” active insulated containers for safe transport refrigerated and pre-cooked food.

HmL containers come in 140, 330 and 720 liters, and maintain an internal temperature in a range from 149-185°F using self-regulating PTC (positive temperature coefficient) ceramic heating elements controlled by a digital thermostat.

Operating modes for the HmL containers include the ability to connect the units to AC power for pre-heating up to a set temperature and for recharging the integrated battery, which then powers the unit for more than 10 hours of operation at a constant temperature during transit. With an on-board battery charger, HmL containers do not require an AC connection during holding and serving time at their destination.

All Coldtainer containers are made from highly durable molded polyethylene and food-grade materials, are easy to clean and are in compliance with health and safety standards.

Coldtainer USA