Multi-Conveyor, Winneconne, Wis., built a super sanitary stainless-steel-welded, plastic belt conveyor to merge plastic-wrapped bulk cheese using new first-in, first-out (FIFO) technology.

This conveyor incorporates pulse and photo-eye sensors, a CompactLogix processor, PowerFlex 525 drives, servo motor controllers and variable frequency drives to develop a new merge concept solution that alleviates the big gaps between product while allowing for more consistent spacing.

A virtual axis measures “pocket length” on the merging conveyor, and a pulse is generated in specified inch increments of travel. Product is then released to the pulse on a FIFO basis. Whichever one arrives first is released first, but to the pulse.

Key sanitary features include stainless-steel welded frame design, continuous welds (ground and polished), stainless-steel drives and drive mounts, stainless-steel idle ends, washdown duty motors and reducers and more.