Videojet Technologies, Wooddale, Ill., introduced two new printhead sizes in the Videojet DataFlex 6530 and 6330 series.

The DataFlex 6530 107mm and 6330 32mm are said to be the first airless printhead for high-speed printing application.

The DataFlex 6330 32mm comes with Videojet iAssure technology, a built-in code quality checker that automatically checks for code quality and position and provides a warning when common code defects are detected. Users can then decide whether to stop the line to correct the fault, thus reducing the need to scrap or rework product.

The DataFlex 6530 107mm and 6330 32mm printers are easy to integrate into typical production lines. Featuring a design that is modular and compact, they offer flexibility to choose how the printer is integrated. The power supply can be placed with the controller or separated and mounted inside the packaging machine cabinet.

Ideal for manufacturers who want fewer components exposed in a production environment, the printers feature fewer cables and can be controlled through the packaging machine’s web interface.

Designed to withstand tough production lines, the DataFlex 6530 107mm and 6330 32mm are airless, all-electronic printers, and feature a quick-change cassette that delivers excellent ribbon efficiency and fast ribbon replacement. With up to 1200m in ribbon capacity, manufacturers can achieve more throughput between ribbon changes.

Videojet Technologies, Inc.