Stäubli, Duncan, S.C., presented a variety of food processing and packaging solutions featuring robotics.

The FAST Picker TP80 with the H1 option is capable of up to 200 picks per minute. Plus, it uses a tracking vision system and conveyor encoders to efficiently and accurately sort product into trays. And, the 3D vision systems arrange product to look attractive in the tray, and help to maintain uniform pack weights.

Stäubli’s TS2 60 is a redesigned 4-axis machine with proprietary JCS drive technology that facilitates ultra-short cycle times and high repeatability. It also boasts a revolutionary encapsulated design, which opens up new possibilities for use in sensitive environments.

The HE version of the TX2 series for sensitive food applications requires fast kinematics to withstand washdown and temperature changes. The TX2-60HE has a reach of 670-920mm, and features ultrasonic cutting, cake decorating and bread scoring to showcase an automated washdown process. Additional features include connections through the base of the robot, no retention areas, complete protective coating and internal pressurization of the arm as well as a H1 lubrication option.

Stäubli North America