The Greenbrier Cos., Inc., Lake Oswego, Ore., released its inaugural environmental, social and governance (ESG) report, which highlights its corporate social responsibility accomplishments.

Greenbrier's ESG priorities stem from its four pillar corporate strategy to strengthen its core North American engineering and manufacturing business; expand international operations; grow operations at scale in new and existing markets; and extend its talent base through a deeper talent pipeline.

The report details four categories, including:

  1. Putting people first. Reveals Greenbrier's commitment to employee health and safety, quality and safety certifications, diversity practices, equal employment opportunities and talent development initiatives.
  2. Advancing sustainability. Rail and barge are among the most fuel-efficient modes of freight transportation. In recent years, Greenbrier has introduced sustainable designs, including the reduction of tare weight and implementing articulation in more of its product offerings.
  3. Leading the freight transportation industry. Highlights Greenbrier's participation in trade associations, industry-led safety coalitions, campaign development and management and product innovation efforts.
  4. Contributing to communities. Focuses on Greenbrier's charitable giving efforts, worldwide volunteer action and employee giving campaigns.

"As an industry leader, Greenbrier provides innovative approaches to freight rail and marine transportation," says William Furman, chairman and CEO. "However, a company's value is based on much more than numbers. Corporate responsibility, environmental stewardship and strong governance have become increasingly integral components to customer, shareholder and employee satisfaction. I am pleased to see our recent achievements published for review by investors, customers, employees and other stakeholders." 

"This first ESG report is a rewarding milestone for Greenbrier, and we look forward to enhancing our ESG reporting as our business grows," says Lorie Tekorius, executive vice president and COO. "I am proud of all our team members and appreciate the commitment each Greenbrier facility has made to get here. As one of the world's largest freight railcar and marine barge manufacturers, we strive to lead by example. This ESG report is no exception."   

"We are glad to have employers like Greenbrier operating in Oregon," said Tobias Read, Oregon State Treasurer. "I congratulate Greenbrier for its commitment to being a great employer and active corporate leader. I look forward to their continued success."