Alfa Laval, Richmond, Va., designed OptiLobe rotary lobe pumps, which are versatile alternatives for general applications requiring gentle product treatment and easy serviceability.

The Alfa Laval OptiLobe 10 and OptiLobe 50 adds 4 new pump sizes to the product range, providing the possibility of having heating/cooling front covers for processes, where products tend to harden at low temperatures.

Alfa Laval OptiLobe's high precision rotors and low-shear operation ensure gentle handling of delicate products. With full cleanability, the OptiLobe also complies with the world's leading hygienic standards.

Seal faces in the OptiLobe have direct contact with high-velocity product media. This ensures a fast and secure clean-in-place (CIP) process, reducing both cleaning time and contamination risk. Engineered for use within the food, dairy and beverage industries, these positive displacement pumps conform to CE directives and EHEDG, 3-A and FDA hygienic standards. 

Plus, the OptiLobe pumps are engineered with a wide performance envelope, due to an advanced rotor shape design and a rotor case that incorporates cusps. In addition to maximizing pump efficiency, these designs feature reduced pulsation and noise emissions. The OptiLobe pumps also reduce the possibility of product damage by internal product recirculation.


Alfa Laval, Inc.