MonarchFx, a business unit of Tompkins International, Raleigh, N.C., announced a strategic alliance with Avectous, Santa Ana, Calif., where MonarchFx will leverage Avectous’ full suite of supply chain fulfillment software, including warehouse management software (WMS), across its entire fulfillment network. 

Through the partnership with Avectous, MonarchFx will leverage its state-of-the-art functionality, including:

  • Highly configurable, cloud-based technology stack.
  • Task-based system that reduces development requirements for specific seller requirements.
  • System design for seller onboarding efforts.
  • Seller-specific rules set in both the DOM and WMS.
  • Automated receiving and put away.
  • Automated quality control item selection.
  • Handheld devices that support all warehouse operations.
  • Immediate availability of incoming inventory to production/picking/shipping.
  • Seamless intuitive integration between order receipt and fulfillment.
  • Optimized warehouse management for both optimal use of space and personnel productivity.
  • Instant and complete integration with CRM/ERP.
  • Total and real-time inventory visibility.
  • Reduced personnel requirements and sales surge management improvement.
  • Order, wave and batch picking for optimal efficiency.
  • Business rule creation to align picking with optimal order fulfillment strategies.
  • Carrier connectivity and real-time integration with packing and shipping for lowest cost/fastest delivery.

“I am very pleased with the relationship we have been able to create with Avectous,” says Jim Tompkins, chief executive officer of Tompkins International. “The Avectous WMS platform will take our operations to another level, thus increasing our customer service offering.”