Digimarc Corp., Beaverton, Ore., and GS1 US, Lawrenceville, N.J., announced collaborative efforts to speed the industry adoption of the Digimarc barcode technology through GS1 US's membership. This pioneering technology delivers faster checkout, more efficient store operations to retailers and richer consumer information to brand owners and consumers.

GS1 US maintains the global standards for barcodes, and will provide education, training and access to services for its 300,000-member businesses to foster the adoption of Digimarc's barcode technology.

"Consumer demand and the advancing pace of technology have created an unprecedented need for accurate and easily accessible product information," says Bob Carpenter, president and CEO of GS1 US. "Our work with Digimarc reinforces our commitment to not only collaboration, but also to providing our members with innovative solutions to address their most pressing business challenges. Together, we will transform [the] industry by empowering consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions."

Digimarc's barcode technology is invisible to consumers in ordinary use, and can be applied across all surfaces of a product package. Retailers benefit from lower costs through greater efficiency, while consumers enjoy a faster checkout experience and the ability to scan Digimarc-enhanced packages with their smartphones to obtain additional product information, pre- and post-purchase.

Combining the information standards and industry reach of GS1 US and Digimarc's technological breakthroughs, the new barcode will deliver:

  • Brand-certified, accurate product information.
  • Additional content allowing contextual value-added service opportunities.
  • Valuable pre- and post-purchase experiences to benefit the consumer and the brand.

"We will work diligently with GS1 US to help the industries that they serve to gain maximum advantage from our barcode technology," says Bruce Davis, chief executive officer of Digimarc. "GS1 US is an ideal vehicle for creating awareness, providing education and training and enabling efficient acquisition of relevant services. This collaboration represents a seminal event for Digimarc barcode, fostering better understanding and effective use of this innovation by retailers, brands and other users of barcodes."