Yukon Venture Partners, LLC, Austin, Texas, and Saxum Real Estate, Summit, N.J., announced a joint venture to construct a new cold storage facility in Burleson, Texas.

Located in the Highpoint Business Park, the joint venture will develop a 400,000-square-foot refrigerated and cold storage distribution center, scheduled for completion in first quarter 2021.

Premier Refrigerated Warehouse, Fort Worth, Texas, will anchor the project.

“Being anchored by a public warehouse allows our tenant partners the ability to expand into Premier’s space during times of high inventory. This creates tremendous flexibility for these users, a critical factor for supply chain resilience,” says Marty Khait, principal of Yukon Ventures.

The additional 200,000 square feet is available for lease and can be demised into two 100,000-square-foot sections, with each section providing 87,000 square feet of freezer-capable space. With a 45-acre site, the developers can add an additional 300,000 square feet, based on tenant demand as well.

“The project represents a unique opportunity for Saxum and Yukon to stand at the forefront of the emerging of the cold storage industry, and we look forward to a successful partnership delivering the best-in-class facility anchored by Premier Refrigerated Warehouse. Thanks to support from the City of Burleson, we are thrilled to be in position to deliver an unrivaled, modern cold storage facility in the incredibly strong Dallas-Fort Worth market,” says Anthony Rinaldi, managing principal of Saxum Real Estate.