The new TG series of refrigerated dryers from Kaeser Compressors, Fredericksburg, Va., was designed for consistent dew point control and energy efficiency under varying load conditions.

The SECOPACK LS thermal storage system contains a phase-changing material (PCM) that is 98% denser than conventional storage media. Thermal energy is stored as the PCM cycles from a solid to a liquid state, enhancing energy efficiency. TG dryers also boast advanced R-513A refrigerant, which has 60% lower global warming potential and decreases refrigerant weight. These features make the SECOTEC TG units up to 60% lighter than other thermal storage dryers.

SECOTEC TG units feature a variable speed radial fan design that further enhances energy efficiency, extends fan life and enables dryer exhaust ducting. A dedicated fan in the electrical cabinet provides cooling in high heat environments. SIGMA CONTROL SMART, a micro-processor based controller, controls the thermal storage process, remote on/off control capability and an optional Ethernet interface for connecting to a master control system. Plus, TG units can be easily integrated into plant operations and Industrial Internet of Things environments.

Kaeser Compressors