Eastey, Brooklyn Park, Minn., introduced the EXS-100 semi-automatic strapping machine, designed to efficiently strap and secure over-filled and heavyweight packages.

The semi-automatic EXS-100 strapping machine is designed to apply a plastic strap around user’s packages, preventing them from opening during handling and transit. The EXS-100’s bottom seal design is an ideal solution for low- to medium-volume users that need additional security beyond case taping.

The EXS-100 machine features an open cabinet design, making it easy to view and change the poly strapping. Additional features include electronic tension control, allowing the user to adjust the proper tension for a wide variety of packages, and a heated strap-weld sealing system, which ensures a secure strap.

The system comes standard with four locking casters that allow for easy transportation within the facility.

Eastey, a subsidiary of Engage Technologies Corp.