Cooper Farms is working to provide food and resources to their fellow Ohioans. The farm and food company, located in western Ohio, has made several donations over the past month, providing over 21,000 protein-rich meals, including nearly 6,000 pounds of turkey and 27,000 dozen eggs to the Ohio Association of Food Banks in a series of deliveries from the turkey, pork and egg company. An additional 1,100 pounds of turkey burgers were donated to area groups providing socially distanced serving of hot lunches for children and meals after virtual church services.

“Egg and turkey farmers have always been and remain committed to supporting their neighbors in need and ensuring that all families have access to wholesome, affordable foods,” said Jim Chakeres, executive vice president of the Ohio Poultry Association. “Eggs and turkey are high-protein foods that provide nutritional benefits to people of all ages and play an important role in a healthy diet.”

Food banks across the state and nation are seeing double-digit percentage increases in visitors. The Ohio Association of Food Banks is providing 2.2 million more pounds of food than this week last year. Further, one in three visitors had not previously sought help from a food bank prior to COVID-19 pandemic.

Cooper Farms also wanted to thank the area hospital staff for all that they are doing in this unprecedented time. To do this, they purchased $10,000 in gift cards from local restaurants and delivered them to the hospitals serving each of the company’s four main communities.

“We talk about giving back to the community, but there’s nobody doing that more than these hospitals right now,” said Gary Cooper, COO of Cooper Farms. “They go to work every day and put their health on the line to treat members of the community, so this is the least we could do to show our gratitude toward them.”

The company hasn’t forgotten about their team members through this all, either. The company has provided multiple gifts and tokens of appreciation for their 2,300 team members over the past month as well.

“We are so thankful for our wonderful team members,” said Cooper. “They continue to come to work each day and help us to care for our animals and provide food for our fellow Americans. We hope they understand how much we appreciate their dedication through this tough time. We know we will come through this stronger together.”

Cooper Farms is encouraging their communities to give back, too, if they are able. Donation boxes are being set out to allow team members to donate to the food banks. While not everyone can give, every dollar makes a big difference for those struggling during this time.

About Cooper Farms
Growing healthy live turkeys, chickens, egg layers and hogs and producing great food products has been a tradition for the Cooper family of northwest Ohio for three generations. Founded in 1938 by Virgil and Virginia Cooper, Cooper Farms is still family owned and operated. Today, with the help of our team members, Cooper Farms is a leading food supplier, selling a variety of delicious fully cooked and ready-to-cook turkey, ham and chicken products to customers throughout North America. 

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