PMI KYOTO Packaging Systems will be exhibiting their washdown horizontal cartoner for frozen foods at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, Sept. 27-29, at booth C-3036. Designed and built to FDA sanitary standards, this cartoner features heavy-duty, fully welded stainless steel washdown construction. 

The all-servo driven cartoner has a compact design, providing a small footprint and making it easy to integrate. Quick and simple changeovers are performed at the touch of a button on the HMI making it ideal for a variety of SKUs and suitable for CPGs and contract packagers. With built-to-last, quality construction and materials, this system features full-height guard doors with interlocked stainless frame. The system can run cartons or sleeves at speeds up to 240 per minute. 

Also ideal for CPGs and contract packagers is the system’s flexibility to ramp up or down production as needed. For smaller runs or lower output, a hand-load option is available. When production needs to increase, simply add on a robotic infeed section for higher speeds and added efficiency. 

“We’re excited to bring a flexible and efficient solution to the market,” said Branko Vukotic, PMI KYOTO President. “By offering a washdown horizontal system for frozen foods and dairy, we are able to address the needs of additional industries and bring more value to our customers.”

Additional features include a high-speed servo-driven rotary carton placer with pre-break, articulating product buckets with barrel cam pusher heads, servo flap tuckers with cycle stop mode-positive flap closing device, Nordson hot melt glue system and an Allen-Bradley system control platform and HMI. 

See this washdown cartoner in action at booth C-3036 during the PACK EXPO Las Vegas, Sept. 27-29, 2021.

About PMI KYOTO Packaging Systems

PMI KYOTO Packaging Systems was formed after PMI Cartoning, Inc. was acquired by Kyoto Seisakusho Co., Ltd. in January 2018. The company offers a complete line of vertical and horizontal cartoners, case packers and integrated packaging systems for the food, beverage, cosmetic, confectionery, and pharmaceutical industries, among others. Application and product handling experience allows PMI KYOTO to excel with applications involving high speeds and difficult-to-handle products. PMI KYOTO’s three locations, including a 120,000-sq-ft manufacturing, engineering, and testing facility, are located just outside of Chicago.