The all-new Mystery Flavor from Turkey Hill is no longer a mystery. Turkey Hill has revealed that the mystery flavor is Blueberry Pancake, combining breakfast and dessert to create a taste so delicious you'll scoop up seconds every time. Flavor detectives who cracked the case and correctly guessed the limited-edition flavor have been entered for a chance to win ice cream for life.
Turkey Hill first introduced the Mystery Flavor in January, launching a sweepstakes challenging ice cream fans across the nation to put their tastebuds to the test. Since then, Turkey Hill has shared clues online, teasing the new flavor with hints related to maple syrup, blueberries and pancake batter. While some mystery flavors leave you with an odd taste, Turkey Hill's flavor delivers on the deliciousness. The bright blueberries compliment the familiar flavors of maple syrup drizzled over fluffy pancakes to put an extra sweet spin on an everyday treat.
Blueberry Pancake is now available at retailers nationwide, starting at an SRP of $4.29.

About Turkey Hill
Turkey Hill is the fourth largest premium ice cream brand and one of the leading refrigerated iced tea brands in the nation. Turkey Hill, in collaboration with Brookfield Renewable & Calpine Energy, receives 3 megawatts per month of electricity for the Dairy from the nearby Safe Harbor Hydroelectricity Facility. Combined with electricity from the wind turbines, the dairy is powered by 100% sustainable energy sources.