Fine Choice Foods, a leading producer of Asian-inspired foods throughout North America announced a rebrand of its SUMM! line of products as well as the launch of a new customer-focused website. The evolving positioning and new look and feel of the brand illustrate the company’s continued growth while reflecting the brand’s quality, culture and heritage.  

Providing quality Asian-inspired foods for the North American market since 1986, Fine Choice Foods was founded by the Lui family with a focus on authentic, delicious, and easy to prepare food. Fine Choice Foods specializes in the use of fresh, local produce for its spring rolls, gyoza dumplings and the original apple pie roll, all under the SUMM! brand.

“As we continue to grow, our new positioning in the marketplace combined with the updated look and feel of our brand are significant milestones, and it’s important to communicate our success while ensuring the cultural roots of the company are clearly represented,” said Jason Longden, CEO of Fine Choice Foods. “SUMM! in Cantonese means ‘heart’ so the tagline ‘Food with Heart’ deliberately links back to the company’s family-founded heritage while highlighting the care and passion that goes into our day-to-day operations and ongoing focus on growth.”

The new SUMM! branding was inspired by the art of Chinese paper cutting, dating back to the 6th century, and represents Chinese heritage as it relates to food, love, family, good blessings and fortune. The new website features “Where to Buy” functionality, allowing customers to identify brick and mortar locations where they can purchase SUMM! products as well as where they can “Buy it Now” through stores offering online shopping.

 About Fine Choice Foods
Located in Richmond, BC, Fine Choice Foods is a market-leading producer of quality Asian-inspired foods for the North American market. Founded by the Lui family in 1986, Fine Choice Foods specializes in spring rolls, gyoza dumplings, and the original apple pie roll under the SUMM! brand. Starting as a small store on Cambie Street in Vancouver employing three people, the company has grown to a staff of more than 300, serving consumers throughout Canada and parts of the United States from its 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility.