FreezPak Logistics opened its fifth state-of-the-art freezer warehouse facility in New Jersey, using insulated metal panels (IMPs) up to 72 feet long from Metl-Span.

The 140,000-square-foot facility is located on the border of two communities, Elizabeth and Newark, includes 18 docks, 46 car-parking stalls and 25 trailer-parking stalls. 

“FreezPak Logistics was looking to build a public refrigerated warehouse for frozen food storage,” says Kate Lyle, director, Industrial Cold and Food at Ware Malcomb. “A priority of the design was to maximize their building clear height, their ‘cube’ for the site. The overall building height was limited to 75 feet and the design team worked diligently with Industrial Building Group and the developer to design a 66-foot clear freezer.”

Part of the design goal was to minimize the stack joints for the IMPs around the freezer envelope. Lyle said Metl-Span was able to provide IMP lengths that, in spite of the building’s height, required no stack joints on two sides of the freezer. Cold Storage and Industrial Building Group of Montgomery, Texas, also worked with Metl-Span to develop details that covered the stack joint location with the blue accent stripe around the building and allowed for 32 faux windows to be attached to the outside of the metal panels. These faux windows were required by local jurisdictions.

Cold Storage Construction installed more than 100,000 square feet of six-inch thick CF42 insulated metal panels. Nearly half of that square footage was made up of panels 72 feet long. The exterior 24-gauge panels were coated with PVDF Almond. The remaining 20,000 square feet of interior partition metal panels were four-inch thick CF45 panels in SMP White. All interior panels were 26-gauge in SMP White.

The six-inch-thick panels provide an R-value of R-48.

One unique feature of this warehouse is that half of the building offers an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) and half is a standard vendor neutral archive (VNA) system. 

The project was recognized as the 2021 Industrial Deal of the Year Award by the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP), during its annual Commercial Real Estate Awards. 

About Metl-Span
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