The Very Good Food Company Inc. announced increased U.S. retail expansion via a new agreement with The Giant Company. With Giant's presence throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia as well as online shopping and delivery to New Jersey, this retail distribution significantly expands Very Good’s product availability on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard.

Giant has made the strategic decision to increase its assortment of plant-based foods as it strengthens its emphasis on healthy eating, and the retailer believes Very Good's product offering will attract a wide range of shoppers, from those avoiding animal products to others trying flexitarian or vegetarian diets.  Very Good’s Butcher's Select line including Mmm Meatballs, Cajun, and Bratwurst Sausages, along with The Stuffed Beast from Very Good Butchers' original line of products, will be placed within the Healthy, Natural, Organic (HNO) section of Giant stores.

"This is yet another win for our team in line with our refocused strategy of expanding our retail footprint Giant is known as a forward-thinking company and has a history of successfully introducing innovative brands to consumers. Their inclusion of our Meatballs, Cajun & Bratwurst sausages, and the Stuffed Beast products is yet another opportunity for us to gain new customer adoption. With our natural and clean plant-based ingredients, we are confident in our products' ability to perform well within Giant's HNO venue,” said Parimal Rana, CEO of The Very Good Food Company. 

About The Very Good Food Company Inc.

The Very Good Food Company Inc. is an emerging plant-based food technology company that produces nutritious and delicious plant-based meat and cheese products under Very Good’s core brands: The Very Good Butchers and The Very Good Cheese Co.