Vanmark, an industrial potato and produce processing equipment manufacturer, today announced the launch of its vine remover machine. The new machine removes vines from potatoes as they come in from the field. Potato vines often get caught in receiving and transferring equipment, plugging it up and causing costly downtime for processors.

The machine removes dirt and vines from potatoes as they are fed into it before they move down the line, removing more than 80% of the vines.

“Vanmark’s new vine remover machine is the first of its kind for us,” said Jason Davis, vice president, Vanmark. “Eliminating plugs and downtime caused by vines caught in the machinery should be a game changer for potato processors. For example, french fry processors process up to 175,000 pounds of potatoes per hour and need to do so as quickly and reliably as possible.”

The vine remover features a flexible design, configurable to fit any line layout. It uses a series of custom-configured rolls to separate and remove vines from product flow on the receiving line. Fewer vines equate to fewer pump plugs, tear downs and restarts, as well as less downtime.

The remover helps ensure debris-free raw product before processing with a maintenance-friendly sanitary design, featuring easy access panels and cover construction, simple pitch adjustments, and one motor operation. 

About Vanmark
Vanmark expertly manufactures industrial potato and produce processing equipment that optimizes in-process storage, washing, peeling and cutting processes. The company is part of the Grote family of brands, which includes PFI.